A special, bright and wide gathering space, with a semi-circular facade of panoramic windows overlooking the Arava Desert. The place is used to host workshops, groups, events and joint accommodation. It is built in combination with natural and ancient materials such as earth bricks, wood, bamboo and date palms – and advanced, energy-efficient industrial construction methods.

Try to imagine the moment when you surrender to the touch, yearning to release yourself from everyday stress and just rest…“Onusan Dojo” is a balanced treatment room, decorated in traditional Japanese style with real rice tatami, wall-to-wall. We offer a variety of treatments for guests of Zman Arava. You can order a treatment or soothing massage from the treatments menu.


About the treatment room:

The treatments are provided by qualified and experienced therapists, in the guest’s room on a professional treatment bed or a shiatsu mattress – depending on the type of treatment. After the opening of the “Onusan Dojo” treatment room, all treatments will also be provided in the treatment room according to the guest’s wishes.

Choose the type of treatment that works best for you:

Swedish massage

A pampering classic massage designed to relax muscles, relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation.

Deep tissue massage

Deep and focused massage to release muscles and tension points in the body.

Hot stones Massage  

The treatment combines massage with oils and basalt stones and helps to stimulate blood circulation. The brown stones Soothes and relaxes the body muscles.

Integrated massage

A massage combining several techniques according to the therapist’s specialties.

The basis is Swedish massage, to which different techniques are applied respectively. Massage helps balance and soothe.


Diagnosis and adjustment of foot care by massage and pressure.



Traditional Japanese treatment technique. Touch therapy that combines tension and pressure along the energy channels in the body to release energetic blockages and restore balance and harmony to the body.

Price list for treatments:

45min – 250 NIS | 1 Hour –  290 NIS |  Hour and a half – 380 NIS |

The price is the same to all treatments offered

The secret of Lucia’s breakfasts comes from the Galil, with the intergenerational transition from mother to sun, with a commitment to preserve tradition. We assure you that the secret is to keep the ingredients fresh and of high quality, we invest the heart, and the rest is inspiration, love, and devotion. For Menu and Orders.

Lucia's Breakfast:

Lucia is my mother. After a mask of persuasion, my mother gave in and allowed us, after meticulous supervision, to make her wonderful breakfasts here at “Zman Arava” and use the “Lucia’s Breakfast” name. The meals were originally made with infinite love in her Galilean kitchen nestled somewhere far north in Mitzpe Abirim, and we brought these unique flavors and aromas all the way to the Arava desert. Here they get a desert “twist” that includes the amazing vegetables of the Arava growers, combined with quality products and fresh small interfaces in the Arava.



  • Breads, Kalamata olives, butter, French jam
  • Brie and Manchego cheese, Galilee olive oil with freshly ground za’atar
  • A rolled omelet with organic cherry tomatoes from the Arava, grilled with local herbs
  • Farmers salad from the Arava local produce, thickly cut with fresh feta cheese
  • Grilled eggplant fillet with raw tahini and finely chopped tomato
  • Beets marinade with garlic cloves and coriander
  • Vine leaves Stuffed with rice
  • Playful Cauliflower with tahini and a touch of green hot chili pepper
  • Homemade granola with yogurt, honey and fruit from our orchard
  • Natural apple juice with cinnamon bark
    enjoy your meal!


“רק על סף המדבר הריק,

רק מתחת לתנועות השמים,

רק שם,

לעיתים, בא וקורה פתאום הדבר המופלא הזה,

המפתיע אבל המיוחל הזה,

והם נפתחים עד הסוף אל האדם הקטן והנואש והבודד כל-כך“.


Our special breakfast is served in “kulna” – the main building between 08:30 and 10:30. Please inform us 24 hours before arrival if you would like breakfast.

The breakfast price is 70 NIS per person. 40 NIS per child.

As in an oasis, you can wander the paths of the orchard, enjoy a peaceful walk among the fruit trees and sit on a bench in front of the Arava landscape … let the desert wind be absorbed slowly. In the orchard there is a designated area where you can light a fire, and a charcoal grill area where you can roast on the coals or cook on a special “Poyke” installation.

The Orchard

The Orchard in Zman Arava, including a variety of fruit trees: Date, pomegranate, fig, lemon, grapefruit and olive. Shaded areas and a small lawn. For your convenience, we have spread along the paths of the orchard wooden benches and soft lighting.

We recommend that you go out in the early morning or afternoon at the end of the day for a short stroll, to breathe in fresh air and to look around, with a sense of freedom and nature enveloping you.

Poyke - Grill area, grilling and casserole

In order to allow an area where we can be together outdoors around a table, bonfire or to roast on a charcoal grill, we have created an area where you will find a well-equipped charcoal grill corner, including a spacious work surface with a sink and lighting for evening barbecues, picnic tables, and a professional pot holder to put the poyke pot on the barrel of fire.

Next to the grill and poyke area there is a bonfire circuit in the open desert where you can sit together around a bonfire through the night

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