Hospitality as a way of life

The desert platform gives an accurate design, the human input is of the small details.

For us, hospitality is a way of life; we tried to pay attention to every detail you meet here, considering every moment of you here, in every suite and in every area of ​​the complex.

Our thought during the design of “Zman Arava ” was to give guests an attentive dimension of pampering and serenity, to harmonize the authentic statement of the desert with a unique, precise and varied hospitality experience in its qualities.

Thanks to a combination of local materials such as earth bricks, palm fronds and wood, along with progressive construction techniques that preserves energy – and authentic design items that we have carefully chosen and created, an inspiring space has been created that is very pleasant to stay in.

In Zman Arava we combined love and stories of who we are, in the suites and throughout the complex, and we delicately decorated symbols and aromas from various deserts in the world, together with original works of recycled materials made by local desert artists.

All in order to allow dialogue between the interior and exterior, between man and nature, while listening to the guest’s needs and allowing the timeless sense, to do its own.

The desert from which it all began

We all have these memorable moments, moments of insight, moments of inspiration, moments of love that are sometimes difficult to explain with words. Thanks to the journey toward those moments that make us happy, we can continue to create our own unique way in the world.

More than 20 years ago, I embarked on a two-wheeled journey in the deserts of the world, at latitude 32, connecting the Sonora Desert in Mexico, the Sahara desert and the Maghreb, and back to our desert here in the Arava.

The memories, experiences and moments gathered there were not forgotten. The grains of sand and road dust from remote places in the world, piled them together waiting for the right moment … for the right time. We continued this journey here in Zukim, in the heart of our desert, with a dream that became reality.

Journey through Time

Our second journey continued here in Israel, out of our love for the desert, it was clear to us that we wanted to settle in the desert environment, build the house and raise children. After wandering around the Negev and the Arava and looking for a special place to settle in, we were led by chance to the zukim in the Arava, so we found ourselves here, through random encounters with people who came our way.

The vision has been set: to create a place that is part of a personal travel story that allows guests to live the experience and to be hosted in a place that beyond the desert hospitality – brings with it meticulous design, freedom, inspiration and a journey through time.

After striking roots in Zukim, we discovered that we had parked at an amazing meeting point connecting three continents, at the center of an ancient trade route connecting Asia, Europe and Africa, a path used by the Nabateans, the mythological desert nomads. This feeling that our journey is suddenly connected on the timeline to something inspirational has slowly evolved into “Arava time”, Zman Arava – suites in the desert.

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