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Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Tantra, Contact, Vipassana or Martial arts… No matter what – when you enter the extraordinary space we created for workshops in Zman Arava you will feel the special structure surrounding and hugging you in – and at the same time opening a wide panorama to the endless desert that is visible from it.


We have created a unique workshop space, 225 square meters of covered space, with a 160-square-meter assembly hall with no columns, allowing modularity and separation between spaces, combining earth bricks and local natural desert materials.

The complex has a high quality sound system, a spacious and well equipped kitchen, an internal wardrobe with shower and toilet rooms, and a 150 m² local marbel stone balcony facing the desert and interacting with it.

Thanks to the versatile design of the space and the diverse equipment that exists in our place, workshops and events can be held in a wide range of fields

Do you have a workshop that you organize? Want to produce a unique event? Contact us and we will build with you everything you need. Event planning and workshop production are one of our specialty.

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Preparing food in the desert is another way to get inspired. The kitchen of Zman Arava is located within “Kulna” – our main building, is well equipped and comfortable and very inviting to enter, our vision was to create a food preparation space that is much more than kitchen. A place for chef workshops, special experiential meals, a glass of wine and a part in preparing gourmet meals surrounded by friends or family.


As soon as you enter our kitchen, whether as guests at a chef’s workshop, or as guests who wish to prepare gourmet dishes or simple meals, inspiration will be waiting for you at the entrance. A pleasant open space, natural light and working spaces that make you want to sing to the tomatoes and dance with the eggplants (burnt on the fire, of course …) We have no doubt that this is part of a hospitality experience that you cannot find elsewhere.

* Do you have a question? Want to consult, or share an idea with us? Feel comfortable sending a message or call. We promise we will try to help realize the idea.

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The common sleeping space within the main building enables those who wish to rent the entire complex to use it both for accommodation and for joint assembly. The complex is especially suitable for workshops, family or business events, for groups and activities.


About 20 people can sleep in the shared sleeping area. The place includes a spacious central space, air conditioned and bright of about 150m. The space can be easily separated into two parts by means of a special partition made of giant bamboo and intersected with artistic woven palm tree branches. You will receive comfortable and quality mattresses for sleeping, so there is no need to bring a mattress from home. You will also have pampering and well-equipped bathrooms with washrooms and Male and Female WCs, including accessible toilet and shower and hot water in an excellent 24-hour stream.

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